For those of you ready to rejoin us, the following procedures will remain in place:

As our state and county continue to see a spike in the number of reported covid-19 cases, please use wisdom when planning to attend one of our worship services. If you have been around someone who has been exposed to the coronavirus, please quarantine for fourteen days before attending a worship service. If you have a fever, do not feel well, or are exhibiting symptoms of the coronavirus, please do not expose anyone in our church by attending a worship service. Instead, stay home, quarantine, and contact your primary care physician and the Palm Beach County Health Department for testing and medical care.

These services will be conducted with safe distancing practices. Therefore, we are only able to accommodate 100 people per service in the Sanctuary (not including families sitting together). Masks are now required to be worn while in public indoors by order of the Palm Beach County Commissioners (however, once seated, you may remove your mask). The church will provide disposable masks for everyone. You can certainly bring your own mask if you prefer. There will be an overflow area apart from the Sanctuary with live television feed from the Sanctuary in case we exceed the maximum number in the Sanctuary.

We understand that there are members and friends of our church who are not comfortable coming back to church at this time. We absolutely respect such decisions! The services will continue to be live streamed each week moving forward.


We are suggesting that our members and friends make reservations each week (we will develop a permanent reservation list for each service) for whichever service you plan to attend. Both services will be identical. We are not making reservations mandatory. However, if reservations for one of the services meets the fully allotted capacity, that service will be closed for additional reservations. You can make a worship service reservation by calling the Church Office at 793-5670. You can also email the Church Office at to make your reservation. 

For those attending the worship services, the offerings will continue to be collected using an OFFERING BOX strategically located. We will not have bulletins for the services, nor will bibles and hymn books be available for individual use.

Our new normal is certainly not the optimum for effective gathering. The optimum would be no restrictions. That's why it will be as important now that we continue to call, email, Zoom, FaceTime, etc ... with each other. We need to make sure that our love among each other continues to grow - whether we see each other face to face or not. When it comes to love-in-action, Jesus said, "I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me." (Matthew 25:40, NIV)

Stay healthy and be blessed!

Administrative Staff, FBCW